Extreme big chess is a variant of chess invented by a very handsome day camp counselor in Main, Big John. in the summer of 2012 he was supervising a regular game of big chess when one day he saw a group of campers in a blindfolded walk. then he got the idea for extreme big chess. he put two campers on each side. each side had an engineer and a navigator. the engineer would be blindfolded and move the big chess pieces while the navigator tells them which peices to move. One year later Big johns employer,  one of  the camp  nurses,( big johns mother), and the entire camp was amazed by this game and it,as well as big john himself became legend.

IN 2013 Big JOHN announced the first top extreme big chess players of the summer

it was 2 6 graders named ellyann and sadie BIG JOHNS BEST PLAYERS

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