The guard is a well-known fairy piece in chess. It moves like a king but is not hindered by check. It appears in many games such as QuatroChess, Bulldog Chess, Two Kings Chess, and more. So why the heck does it not appear in normal chess?? That is a question that has its answer hidden for quite long. But, we should all know the guard by now! Back to the main topic, what's even the purpose of it? Mabye in some games, it can promote like a "super pawn" as in Metamatchy.

The guard in 2D form looks like an upside-down rook with spikes on its head. It's hard to determine the 3D form, however. Will it look like a prince? Will it have spikes on its head like the 2D form? Or will it be something else? We should all enjoy the fun of chess variants.

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