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                           Master Your Chess OpeningsEdit

                                   Here is All You Need to Perfect Your ChessEdit



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 Study up to 1.000 Real Games for the 500 Main Openings including variances.Edit
 You can see all openings on chess boards and continue to play the openings and save your games on your pc.Edit
 Opening Database with all openings and online Database with 7 million Games to search Openings in.Edit
 You have access to 22 million Chess Games and 5 million Rated Games for Chess Openings.Edit
 From our Databases you can export millions of Games as Pgn File and the Openings to use here or in your Chess Program.Edit
 Chess Computers at different rating levels. Play rated Games from 1500 to 2500Edit
 Solve more than 110.000 Interactive Tactical Problems to improve your chess.Edit
 Build your own Opening Repertoire and keep it for practise in your chess program or train it in our Analysis Program.Edit
 Did you know we have the strongest Chess Engine w.w. with a rating of 3300+ to analyse your Openings and Games.Edit
 You can study and download opening games at your own rating level and up to GM as the only place on the internet today.Edit
 Play all kinds of online chess to practise the openings. Learn it, try it, analyse your online games.Edit
 You can study openings sorted by Name, First Move and Eco Code (you will find this code in all recognized chess games).Edit
 You can continue to play the openings in the Chess Analysis Program and save your games as Pgn File on your computer.Edit
 See favorite openings from the 20 best of all time Grand Masters and World Champions.Edit
 Solve more than 2.000 Middle Game Tactics based on Real Games for each opening.Edit
 Take the End Game Course and study End Game Tactics from Real Games.Edit
 Solve Tactical problems based on games for a specific opening.Edit
 You can Search the entire website on the Top Bar Menu. Search anything like game, name notation etc.Edit
 Print out what you want to learn from pages. Share on your social network and send e-mail to your friends.Edit
 And Much more. All you need to improve your chess from beginner to advanced players and Grand Masters.Edit
 You can watch the website on iPAD, Tablets and Smart Phones.Edit

The Chess Tables and Databases works on Tablets and iPhones. The Analysis program is made in Java, so it doesn't work on Tablets. We're trying to solve that. We're developing af mobile APP.

Why we have all chess openingsEdit

Well you're not the only one in the world playing chess and you might surprise your opponent with a new opening.Edit
An other important issue is that you might think the openings are in a chess program. Wrong.Edit
All opening variances is missing and you would rarely know when the opening finish, evaluations for best next moves etc. Edit
It's also interesting that Tournament Players and Grand Masters spend most of their time preparing Openings before a Game.Edit

Opening Examples


 Scotch,Sea-cadet mate in 10 Moves!Edit
Nice Queen sacrifice.Edit

We use Chess MicroBase to store our Chess Games

Guide to Tables


Barnes Opening: Fools MateEdit
An Opening you don't want to use .. mate in 2 !!Edit

The longest opening line - Ruy Lopez -  Marshall, Main line, Spassky Variation (C89)Edit

(The position is even after 18 moves!)


Well you won't win a chess game purely based on the opening but you can get well of by studying and playing the openings here also to avoid lethal opening trapsLike the one below. The middle game and the endgame does the final trick. That's why we also have Chess Puzzles, Middle Game Tactics based on Real Games, Checkmate Exercises and Endgame Strategy.Edit

Daily Newspaper with Latest Chess News World WideEdit


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International ChessEdit

Play 1 - 2 - 5 - 10 & 20 minute Games in 30 different languagesEdit




Please also notice that this is a Secure Website and with no adds (I hate them). We keep this site clean every day by usingHack Alert from our host. For paid subscriptions and services we use PayPal, where you can also pay by credit card. All transactions are 100% secure and protected by 256-bit SSL encryption. This means no one can interfere with your transactions between the internet and your computer. All downloads comes from a SSL encryption line Box.Com where we host our chess files. If you have any problems on this website you can contact us (mail under menu 'about' at bottom) and your welcome to send your feedback HereEdit



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