Simon Ong

Simon Ong (born 1988) is a Canadian chess player, arbiter, organizer, and promoter. Ong became a FIDE Arbiter and International Organizer in 2011 ( He was one of the first two Canadians to participate in FIDE Internet-based arbiter seminar in 2010 (


Ong was born in Calgary, Alberta.

Chess Competition & Style

Simon Ong began playing chess in high school in 2004. His first chess tournament was a local school team championship ( organized by the Calgary Junior Chess Club.

Based on the Chess Federation of Canada website (, Ong's most recent tournament was the 2011 Battle of Alberta where he achieved his peak rating of 1941. He is currently listed as one of Canada's class 'A' chess player (

Ong occasionally plays chess on the internet. Ong plays primarily on under the username of FASimonOng (

According to Chess DB, Ong's main chess opening for white and black are the English Opening and Sicilian Defence, respectively ( Few of his games are found on blog ( chesstempo database (, and Alberta Chess Assocation's Games Database ( Basing on the available games, he has a solidly positional style taking no risks but reacting to any errors made by his opponents.

Organizing Chess Tournaments

Ong began organizing chess tournaments for the Calgary Junior Chess Club. He was later elected as the president of this junior chess club ( From 2006 to 2011, Ong organized countless tournaments for the Calgary Junior Chess Club, Calgary Chess Club, and Alberta Chess Association.

Based on the Chess Federation of Canada website (, the 2011 Alberta Junior Chess Championship was the most recent tournament organized by Ong.

Ong was the first to organize an University team championship in Alberta called the University Battle of Alberta ( He also led the Calgary Junior Chess Club to organize the first Chess in the Library in Alberta (

Ong resigned as president of the Calgary Junior Chess Club in 2011. He remains the past-president of this junior chess club ( and one of Alberta's Chess Federation of Canada Governor (


Besides chess, Ong has become a marathoner (

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